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Tune Up

Tune Up Service    Ensuring that your vehicle receives a tune up according to manufacturer recommendations will help maintain the optimal performance of your vehicle and extend its life.

Our ASE Certified automobile tune up service technicians are ready to put their experience to work for you, ensuring your vehicle is operating at an optimal level of performance.

Performing regular maintenance, including scheduled automobile tune-up service helps ensure a long life for your automobile. Our experienced technicians will inspect your car and, if necessary:

  • Replace spark plugs, wires, and boots
  • Replace distributor cap
  • Replace rotor
  • Replace fuel filter
  • Replace PCV valve
  • Replace oxygen sensor
  • Analyze exhaust emissions
  • Adjust ignition timing and idle speed control
  • Perform a comprehensive maintenance inspection

If neglected, the destructive effects of not administering recommended or necessary tune-up services can dramatically decreased performance in your car, and may even lead to other more costly automobile / vehicle repair needs.

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